Q: Does anyone live in the house?
A: The house is vacant and ready for filming!

Q: What is the property address?
A: The property does not have an address.  
We are located inside the Baldwin Hills Oil
Field.  The entrance gate is located on
Duquesne off of Jefferson at the base of Botts
Field, a Culver City Park.  See DIRECTIONS
for more detailed directions and see
PERMITS for accessors’s parcel number to
be used on the permit in lieu of an address.

Q: Why are personal vehicles not allowed?
A: We are located in the center of a working
oil field and cannot have vehicles driving in
the 1,100 acre field not knowing where to go.

Q: Are there filming time restrictions?
A: Joyfully no, the location is available for
filming 24 hours a day because there are no

Q: Is there water available on site?
A: There is no potable water on site provided
for film cast or crew so you must bring all
drinking water.
Please contact Liz Gosnell for additional photos, tours
and availability 626-533-3730 or by e-mail@
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locations and websites for other properties @